Blue Rose Wedding Ring


Interesting and unique wedding ring with a blue rose as the centerpiece of the ring. I’m not sure this is the most logical and easy to wear wedding ring, but it will raise eyebrows and get the conversation going.

7 thoughts on “Blue Rose Wedding Ring

  1. OMG! I love it!! I was wondering if you could make me a ring that is silver with a blue rose on top made with silver but in colour blue. Not a lot of petals and in the middle of the rose is a diamond? Please, please?! I look forward to your prompt reply. Thank you!

  2. What is the price of the Blue rose wedding ring. I would like to buy that same ring, please e-mail me back with the Blue Rose wedding ring information. Thank you 🙂

  3. this ring, and I have been looking for it over a week now. I will be getting married in, a year and my soon to be husband, wants thus to be my …our ring. However we , can not find a price on it or, where to buy it …

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