Wedding Ring History

The History of the Wedding Ring

The wedding ring is the final gift a couple will give each other prior to marriage. Some might say that the very first gift a couple gives each other is a promise ring – which most consider pre-engagement rings. Then as a couple gets more serious they then give engagement rings to each other.

Many couples look forward to the moment when they’ll slip a ring on their beloved. The look of love in their eyes, that moment when the ring is on their finger and they realize that they are theirs forever. What most don’t realize is that these moments with wedding rings have been happening for centuries. The meaning and symbolism behind a wedding ring is rich and as intricate as its own love story. It deserves to be told so that couples know exactly why they use wedding rings.

This wedding ring is a symbol and throughout time this symbol has stood for love, devotion and at times simply for an arrangement between families. The physical structure of the wedding ring has changed and adapted as different cultures have fashioned it into different forms to make it look beautiful. Some materials are more plentiful in different areas – and other materials or precious metals are considered to be more valuable in other areas. But the meaning behind the symbol has remained the same throughout time and over continents. “I love you” “I want to be with you forever” and “You are mine.”

A ring in its simplest forms is a circle: meaning ‘eternity.’ What more could every couple want than the pure desire to spend eternity together? Most couples choose to have a sentiment or romantic saying engraved inside their wedding rings. This makes that universal symbol so much more personal for each couple.

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